History of The Post

Once upon a time …

The Hotel Gasthof zur Post can look back on a long tradition. The restaurant, originally named Tafern, was first documented in the 15th century.

1456 to 1620
Home of the Bavarian noble family von Hundtsberg. The Junker – meaning young German noble man – Jört Hundtsberger converted the aristocratic estate, which is listed as the “knight’s fee residence to Herrsching” in the archive of Seefeld, into an inn in 1567.

1621 to 1700
After 1620 the Austrian commissioner Johann Georg Jäger became the new owner and thereafter in 1640 the Hohenleitners from Tyrol, who in 1696 sold the manor to Count Maximilian Cajetan von Törring zu Seefeld for the price of 131,000 guilder.

1701 to 1888
During the War of the Spanish Succession, Austria occupied Bavaria in 1706. A writ of protection assigns the Tafern to the Imperial Guard Salvation and was therefore under special protection of the Emperor of Austria (the original letter is displayed in front of the Ritterstube). Following the war the property was returned to the Törring family who from thereon leased it out. In 1817 the house was partly destroyed by a fire.

1889 to 1902
On 1st June 1889, the post department with an adjoining post stable was inaugurated. The innkeeper Kasimir Mayr was entrusted with the management as the Royal Bavarian Postmaster. In 1902, the installation of a telegraph station with Morse operation followed.

On 1st July 1903, the first train entered the newly built Herrsching station, after Herrsching was awarded the contract for the Munich – Ammersee railway line. On 30th November 1903, the last mail coach left from Gasthof zur Post to Starnberg.

1904 to 1999
In the following years the inn changed owners numerous times. In 1965, the old tithe barn and former post stable was demolished. Between 1997 and 2000, the new owners renovated the listed building and rebuilt the Gasthof Hotel zur Post.

2012 till today
The current innkeeper, Elisabeth , continues to serve guests in the restaurant and beer garden.