Welcome to the Fünfseenland

Lake Ammer – Ammersee

The Ammersee is located 35 kilometres south-west of Munich in the most beautiful Bavarian alpine uplands. It is not only a lovely lake for swimming, but also a sailing and windsurfing paradise.

Nestled between gentle hills, the lake offers a view onto a vast panorama of the Alps, in which centre the Zugspitze rises.

With a length of 16 kilometres and a width of 6 kilometres, when combined with favourable wind conditions, the Ammersee is a major sailing area.

The Fünfseenland

Discover one of the most beautiful regions in Germany, located south of the provincial capital of Munich and just before the Upper-Bavarian Alps: the Fünfseenland (five-lakes region). The five lakes lie embedded amongst gentle hills, from which this region gets its name: the Starnberger See, Ammersee, Wörthsee, Pilsensee and the Weßlinger See. However, the Fünfseenland includes other smaller lakes as well. If one were to count them all, one would easily come up with 19 lakes in all. And very nearby, the Bavarian Alps: when visibility is good, one can see the Karwendel mountain range, the Benediktenwand and the Zugspitze.

For many centuries, the Fünfseenland has been a popular vacation, bathing and travel destination with many extraordinary sites of interest. Ideal for all sporting activities. It offers not only beautiful lakes for swimming; it’s a paradise for sailing and surfing as well. Golfers have a choice between eight 18-hole courses and an indoor course. And for those who prefer things a bit more peaceful, there are numerous opportunities for fishing.

Culture & Nature Ammersee

The cultural program around the lake is very diverse and often permeated with or inspired by the artists who’ve happily taken up residence near these lakes over the past century.

Nature lovers too find their vacation paradise here: two thirds of the Fünfseenland are protected conservation areas. There are nine nature-reserve areas, among others the important European bird reserves. The Ammersee with its nature preserves counts as one of the seven most internationally significant wetland areas in Bavaria according to the so-called Ramsar Konvention. The vast shore areas are in near-natural condition and invite one to swim, hike or go cycling.

The way to the Ammersee

The Ammersee can be reached on its northernmost point via the Autobahn A 96 Lindau-München. The S-Bahn S8 line connects Herrsching directly with Munich.

Today, thanks to the good traffic connections via the A95 München–Garmisch and the A96 München–Lindau, the Fünfseenland is among the most popular vacation destinations in Germany. For the populations of Augsburg and Munich, this region is an often-visited local recreation area, as it’s easily reachable via public transportation. But it’s not only vacationers who find recreation and relaxation here; important conventions and seminars take place regularly in the Fünfseenland as well.

Those who wish to experience the Ammersee from its most beautiful side can take a ride on one of the nostalgic paddlewheel steamers.