Celebrity guests in the Post

Rooms stories

The Gasthof Hotel zur Post is a house full of stories. Within its over 500-year existence, the house has not only changed its owners but also its purpose. First it was an noble‘s residence, then a feudal estate, finally a postal station with an inn, and today one finds here at the Post a hotel, restaurant and biergarten.

Over the years many famous personalities have found their way to the Post, whether by coincidence or intention. After exhaustive research on the part of the hostess, the following well-known persons have been confirmed as guests:

Zimmergeschichten Liesl Karlstadt

Liesl Karlstadt

Zimmergeschichten Karl Valentin

Karl Valentin

Zimmergeschichten Carl Orff

Carl Orff

Zimmergeschichten Loriot / Vicco von Bülow

Loriot / Vicco von Bülow

Zimmergeschichten Ludwig II

Ludwig II

Zimmergeschichten Lola Montez

Lola Montez

Zimmergeschichten Ludwig Scheuermann

Ludwig Scheuermann

Zimmergeschichten Ludwig Thoma

Ludwig Thoma

Zimmergeschichten Sissi


Zimmergeschichten Franz Marc

Franz Marc

Zimmergeschichten Lothar Günther Buchheim

Lothar Günther Buchheim

Zimmergeschichten Lisl Schwab

Lisl Schwab

Zimmergeschichten Carl Orff

Bertolt Brecht

Zimmergeschichten Herbert Achternbusch

Herbert Achternbusch

Zimmergeschichten Carl Orff

Camilla Horn