When it comes to your dog

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Here’s what you’ll get for your money and 2 persons for an ENTIRE 6 DAYS of VACATION:

  • 5 Night stays
  • 5-6 x Breakfast (up to you)
  • Bottle Adelholzner water in the room
  • Fruit in the corridor
  • 2 Visitor’s tax
  • 2 Augustiner beer
  • 2 Light meal
  • 4 Dog meal
  • 2 Fish sandwiches from Ammersee fisher king Mato
  • 2 Afternoon cakes
  • 4 4-course meal
  • 1 Bottle of Post wine
  • 2 Sau guade schnapps
  • 2 MVV day tickets (entire network)
  • 2 Picnic
  • 2 Bergbauern/Hugo afternoon cocktail
  • 4 Dinner-meals
  • 2 Sack of goodies
  • 2 3-course meal
  • 2 Rosensekt
  • 2 4-course-wine/water accompaniment meal
  • 2 Visit to Augustiner am Dom incl. 1 beer each and the best sausage
  • 2 Bread from the Stenzl bakery and marmalade from us

That’s what your perfect stay at the Post could look like:

First of all a warm welcome.  For the dog, treats from our dog treasure chest.  And masters/mistresses get something as well – a treat in liquid form – either an Augustiner beer or a bit of sparkling wine.  Dog blanket, dog bowl, dog beer and most importantly another treat for your dog.  Then off to your room.

We’ll let you know where it’s most convenient to take your dog for a walk.  Then you can just relax until dinnertime or enjoy yourself at the bar.

To start off and to set the mood for the next few days, you’ll first receive a good soup with liver dumplings and then a real South Tyrolean bread board with everything your heart desires. And last but not least, a delicious apple strudel.

For the dog, we have the standard dog’s meal and water from the champagne bottle. Then well-satisfied, off to bed.

Life is so beautiful

A healthy sleep-in is very important, and then a good breakfast!

Relaxation and rejuvenation is the order of the day, and you can stroll along the Jakobsweg path.

A definite must – down to the lake to see Mato, the most famous fisher here at the Ammersee, and have a fish sandwich.

I think if you say the magic word „Post Speedy,“ your dog will certainly receive a few sprats.

For afternoon coffee you’ll get apricot dumplings.

In the evening we’ll treat you to a 4 course meal, a bottle of wine and water.  Your dog will get the luxury menu today and of course another serving of champagne water.

Naturally we wouldn’t send you to bed without some schnapps.

Discover what’s inside you!

Enjoy breakfast in good spirits and head off with full vigor to the MVV (day-ticket from us) and off toward Starnberg and quite near to King Ludwig. We’ll prepare a picnic sack for you (naturally there’s something included for the dog).

For an afternoon snack you’ll get a Hugo cocktail and a few Bergbauern sandwiches.

In the evening, the Post has a few delicious bits in store for you – you can tell us what appeals to you, and we’ll make it for you in a 4-course meal, so that you’ll really enjoy your dinner.

And then goodnight!

On cloud Herrsching

Breakfast like in heaven is our motto today! After that, you can do whatever you might like.

For instance enjoy the Pähler ravine. You’ll need some good footwear and mustn’t be afraid of a little climbing. You can gladly use our utensils for shoe cleaning.
Today too you’ll receive a bit of sustenance to take along with you. We have plenty of ideas – but our recommendation is: „Recharge your strength, enjoy nature“.

In the evening we’ll make things interesting this time. You’ll get a 3-course surprise menu, never fear! We’ll ask you if there’s anything you don’t like.
Goodnight 🙂

Peter opens his gates

First begin the day with some Rosensekt. Then, as every day, breakfast and then off to the holy mountain toward Andechs. Here you might light a candle and look at the beautiful church, the dog must remain outside however – but to make up for it, he can enjoy some food scraps in the brewery biergarten if he likes. Today we’d recommend a little afternoon nap and then a bit of shopping in Herrsching, either visit the pet store or maybe buy out one of the nice clothing stores we have here. At least that’s what our hostess says.

In the evening, there’s a marvelous 4-course meal with appropriate wine pairings. Your dog will get a well-balanced gourmet meal and once again as much water as he can drink.

And once again, a good night 🙂

Recharge your strength

Sleep in. Try to hold back a bit today at our breakfast buffet, since you’ll get half a Weißbier and Weißwürst sausages with pretzels. Today is about recharging yourself for the vacation’s final stretch.

We recommend taking in the Viktualienmarkt, Munich’s impressive food market, and enjoying a fresh beer. There are many beer-drinking opportunities round about the Viktualienmarkt. One place you should most definitely visit is our host colleague and dog-lover Peter Schmutzer at the Augustiner am Dom. Here you can get the best sausages with special beer mustard, and of course half an Edelstoff beer. And since you’re coming from the Post, you’ll also receive a jar of beer mustard to take home with you.

In the evening back at the Post, an excellent meal awaits you – you can tell Elisabeth what you’ve always wanted to eat, and we’ll serve it to you in 3 courses. For the fourth course, you’ll most certainly get our Kaiserschmarrn pancake bits with homemade apple compote.

Really enjoy your final night here.

All good things must come to an end

Enjoy your farewell breakfast with full vigor and take your leave with a heavy heart. But not without receiving something from us to take with you. Hundebier as a matter of course, the dog menu list, and we’ll prepare a sack for you with Stenzl bread and homemade marmalades.

Because life is beautiful