Fish meal

The fish comes from the water
… here with us, out of the pan, pot or from the grill!

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Here’s what you’ll get for your money and 2 persons:

  • 3 Night stays
  • 3 Breakfast
  • 1 Bottle Adelholzner water in the room
  • Fruit in the corridor
  • 2 Visitor’s tax
  • 2 Franconian sparkling wine
  • 2 Augustiner beer
  • 2 4-course meal with beverages
  • 2 4-course fish meal
  • 1 Bottle of Post wine
  • 2 Picnic
  • 2 Fish meal and wine from Mato, the fisher king of Ammersee
  • 2 homemade liver dumpling soup
  • 2 Gifts

That’s what your perfect stay at the Post could look like:

Arrive and get the luggage up to the room!
Then chill out over a glass of sparkling wine.
In and around Herrsching there’s enough to see and explore!
In the evening relax with a nice beer, enjoy a Bavarian/Styrian 4–course meal, and since we’re in Bavaria, there’ll be beer to go along with it as well.
With a belly full of Augustiner, comfortably off to bed.

Get up and treat yourself to our breakfast buffet with Latte Macchiato or other coffee specialties.

Full throttle off to the Munich city center. Whoever makes it up to the top of the Alter Peter Church and brings back proof will get a drink of schnapps on the house! We have tips for you about everything – all things of interest in Munich.

In the evening we’ll treat you to a 4–course fish meal and a bottle of Post wine and Adam’s wine (water) as much as you can drink.

Since you’ll likely be hiking today – hop spritely out of bed and off to the breakfast buffet, whether it’s for fresh-squeezed orange juice or crunchy muesli, organic Andechser butter or cheese, homemade marmalade and bread fresh from the bakery across the street – dig in!

Then either stroll along shore promenade or make your way off to Andechs – and you’ll definitely have a picnic sack filled with food and drink to take along with you.

Where you definitely have to make a stop is to visit our fish-seller Mato, a Berliner original in the heart of Bavaria. Mato not only has the best fish sandwiches, but also a tremendous appetizer fish plate that he’s of course reserved especially for you.  A bottle of wine to go with it, and then you’re off back to the Post.

In the evening, we’ll serve you a great liver dumpling soup, and anyone who’s still hungry after that can gladly order something more.

Full and satisfied off to bed 🙂

Enjoy a long and abundant breakfast, as always and every day, including everything the heart desires!

It’s a pity, but at least for today, you must say „Auf Wiedersehen“ to the Post. But naturally the hostess has a little gift prepared for you.

Everyone may take some marmalade along with them.

Manntje, Manntje, Timpe Te,
Buttje, Buttje inne See,
myne Fru de Ilsebill
will nich so, as ik wol will.