Christmas Eve in the Post

Christmas Eve in the Post
Do you want to experience Christmas in another way????
It’s a quiet time – but we’re here for you!

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Here’s what you’ll get for your money and 1 person in a DR 🙂

  • 4 Night stays
  • 5 Breakfast
  • 1 bottle of Adelholzner water in the room
  • Fruit on the floor
  • 2 mulled wine
  • 2 3-course menus
  • 2 Christmas stories
  • 2 X-Mas snacks
  • 1 bottle of Post wine per room
  • 1 bottle of Adelholzner water per room
  • 2 picnic bags with tea and mulled wine
  • 2 3-course Christmas menus
  • 2 apple cookies
  • 2 schnapps
  • 2 Afternoon coffee with Kaiserschmarrn (pancakes)
  • 2 4-course menu with ½ Augustiner beer each
  • 1 gift basket
  • 2 jams

That’s what your perfect stay at the Post could look like:

  • Arrive early – have breakfast
  • Tip: Visit Munich Christmas markets or go shopping.
  • Afternoon: mulled wine
  • Dinner: 3-course menu
  • Christmas story in the room
  • Breakfast
  • Stores in Herrsching are open only until 12.00 o’clock
  • Tip 1: Go to Munich again and let Christmas have its effect on you.
    Tip 2: A quiet walk, along the lake or up to Andechs.
  • Christkindel lunch until 14.00 (After that the restaurant closes)
  • Dinner in your room: delicious snack, bottle of wine and water.
  • Tip 3: After the Catholic midnight mass, the Herrschinger brass band plays at the top of St. Martin’s Church.
  • Small gift basket from us in your room.
  • Merry Christmas and good night.
  • Breakfast
  • Tip: Visit the fair, go for a walk.
  • Christmas picnic bag with food, tea or mulled wine is provided by us.
  • Dinner: 3-course Christmas menu with Supperl, roast duck and goose and to top it off apple pie, Christmas schnapps.
  • Breakfast – and if you want, you can also have Weißwurst sausages (and/or).
  • Tip 1: Visit a museum, Buchheim Museum, the German Museum …
  • Tip 2: Ice skating in Germering or on the lake (if it is frozen).
  • Afternoon coffee: Kaiserschmarren with homemade apple sauce.
  • Dinner: 4-course menu with ½ Augustiner beer each.
  • Breakfast
  • Farewell jam

We are glad, that you were here with us for this special occasion!

Being your hosts was really great and meant a lot to us!