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Christmas Eve in the Post

Christmas Eve in the Post
Do you want to experience Christmas in another way????
It’s a quiet time – but we’re here for you!

Here’s what you’ll get for your money and 2 persons:

  • 5 Night stays
  • 6 Breakfast
  • 1 Bottle of Adelholzner water in the room
  • Fruit in the corridor
  • 2 Jagatee (“huntsman tea”)
  • 4 3-course meal
  • 2 Gluehwein (a sort of hot and spicy wine)
  • 1 A little fir tree to decorate and to take home
  • 2 4-course menu with wine
  • 2 Awesome schnapps
  • 2 Christmaslunch
  • 2 X-mas light meals, so called “Bavarian Brotzeiten”
  • 1 Bottle of Postwine
  • 1 Bottle of Adelholzner water
  • 2 Picnic bags
  • 2 4-course menu
  • 2 Kaiserschmarr’n (maybe together with innkeeper Elisabeth – have your private little cooking class)
  • 2 Presents

That’s what your perfect stay at the Post could look like:

Please arrive early here at the Post.

Then you can enjoy a hearty breakfast and afterwards go to Munich. There you’ll find the most extraordinary Christmas market, you’ve ever seen…Tollwood…it’s an alternative “institution” and really worth visiting! We expect you to try out the various culinary treats from around the globe and take a sample at not only one of those lovely decorated booths.

Come back in the early evening and be welcomed with a glass of a quite special tea (“Jagatee = huntsman tea”) and you’ll find out: It warms up – inside and outside as well!

Maybe you’re still kind of full from all the Tollwood-treats, therefore our kitchen will offer you a light 3-course menu for dinner tonight.

We’ll also provide a Christmas story for you – this desert is totally low in calories.

It feels so good to have you here!

We want to convince you totally of our breakfast buffet and strengthen you up for this beautiful day. Our recommendation is to get a lot of fresh air in the nearest surrounding…we have a lot to see and discover quite close to our hotel (and we gladly provide tour tips).

In the afternoon we welcome you with a “Gluehwein” (hot and spicy wine – available only at Christmas time). A little tipsy maybe, you’ll walk up to your room to decorate the little Christmas tree you’ll find there. Of course, we’ve put some ornaments in your room as well. Why all that decorating already today? So there’ll be no stress tomorrow!

And after all this hard work, our kitchen has already prepared a wonderful 4-course menu for dinner. It comes with 0,1 l of wine for each of you and a schnapps to bring it to a perfect close.

Now you can sleep safe and sound under your own Christmas tree and dream of the Christ Child. (Here in Bavaria, Santa doesn’t bring the presents, but the Christ Child does and this already on Christmas Eve – that means, you don’t have to wait very long any more…)

Get up as early as possible and enjoy breakfast. Since the shops are only open until 4 pm today, here our tip of the day: Hurry up to Munich down town and absorb the Christmas atmosphere (for example visit some more Christmas markets). Or if you like the quiet and calm better, then enjoy a walk in our lovely 5-lakes area, along the lake or take a hike to Andechs Abbey.

At around 2 pm we await you with a delicious Christmaslunch. At about 4 pm we’ll gather in the beer garden and “wait for the Christ Child”, of course with “Gluehwein” (you know this already), beer (what else in Bavaria) and Kinderpunsch (Gluehwein without alcohol – baby Jesus was a child).

In the evening you can either have a typical “Bavarian Brotzeit” (various cold treats: bread, ham, cheese and a lot more) with a bottle of wine and water. The alternative to this would be, cooking together with the innkeepers couple Elisabeth and Otmar (this is not part of the package price and is available only upon a certain demand).

After the Christmas Midnight Mass, the Herrschinger brass band is playing at the St. Martins Church – an experience, you really shouldn’t miss!
Merry Christmas and good night.

Every day the same procedure: getting up is hard – but if you don’t get up, you won’t get breakfast – what a pity!

This day is a little hectic around noon, since Christmas Day is the time of poultry and families going out for lunch. (By the way: We’ve the best roast duck far and wide – you’ll also have some, but only in the evening.)

Until then, you can enjoy the day in the “rough wilderness around Herrsching” – we’ll gladly pack some picnic bags for you.

As promised, the evening awaits you with a hearty 3–course Christmas menu, starting with soup, followed by roast duck and goose and ending with very yummy “Apfelkuecherl” (= apple rings baked in dough and some vanilla ice cream on top).

You don’t gain weight between Christmas and New Year – only between New Year and Christmas! And finally, innkeeper Otmar will surely invite you to a Christmas-schnapps – that’s kind of a tradition.

Christmas is sooooo beautiful – the day is starting – with breakfast – and if you want, you can also have Weißwurst sausages (and/or).

Afterwards we have a trip to a museum in mind for you, either to the Buchheim Museum, the Deutsche Museum or-or-or we have many more … It’s also a fantastic thing to go to Germering for ice skating or, in case the Ammersee is frozen, to skate just here. But we have a lot more insiders’ tour tips handy for you – just ask us.

For teatime we have an original Kasierschmarr’n for you.

And in the evening, we’ll offer you a light dinner with everything you’re craving for…we’ll prepare it in 3 courses especially for you.

Then you’ll enjoy your last night in the Post and look forward to tomorrow.

Get up rested and refreshed to start this last day at the rich breakfast buffet. Since you didn’t get a Christmas present, you’ll get a little farewell gift from us today.

We are glad, that you were here with us for this special occasion!

Being your hosts was really great and meant a lot to us!