Geburtstag feiern bei Freunden

Birthday celebration with friends

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Here’s what you’ll get for your money and 2 persons:

  • 2 Night stays
  • 3 Breakfast
  • 1 Bottle Adelholzner water in the room
  • Fruit in the corridor
  • 2 Visitor’s tax
  • 2 Franconian sparkling wine
  • 2 Meals of your choosing
  • 2 Schnapps
  • 1 Birthday gift „hostess homemade“

That’s what your perfect stay at the Post could look like:

Arrive and either have breakfast by 10 a.m. or have some great Weißwürst sausages at 12 noon.

Then you can have a free-spirited stroll following the footsteps of Lorio, Lisl Karlstadt or Sissi. We have more than enough ideas about things for you to do, and we‘ll gladly share them with you when you book your stay (before you arrive).

In the evening, you can eat a la carte, or we can plan a great meal with you ahead of time. And because we feel it’s good manners to do so, we’ll send you to bed with a good night story .

Kikeriki, Kikeriki, get up.

A nice glass of sparkling wine with breakfast, that hits the spot, the hostess says with conviction, “des hot no nemand ned gschod” (it’s never hurt anyone).
Full and happy, you can go out shopping, either here in Herrsching or you can drive to Landsberg am Lech, they have nice shops there. However the hostess recommends Munich (as a Munich native, she has to). There are some little boutiques here, Louis Vuitton, Manufaktum, Dallmayr, Ludwig Beck, Lodenfrey, just get out there and do what you’d like.

In the evening at the Post, great food – whatever your heart desires, whatever you order, you’ll get it. Whether one of you has a birthday, had a birthday or will have one, we’ll end the evening with a schnapps.

Sweet dreams, sleep well, off to bed.

Oh, here we are again, time to get up – YAWN – feel completely at ease. Our breakfast is not only pleasant but also of the finest quality.

Our recommendation: spend another day at the Ammersee and don’t leave until the evening, your luggage is safe with us.

Naturally the birthday kid will receive a birthday gift from our homemade goods.