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Beware of the hostess! The dog is harmless.

Even your four-legged friend will be served here at our establishment. In our menu created especially for your dog, you can choose from standard, luxury and indulgence menus. If a bit more is needed, we offer a special second helping for our furry friends.

It’s a matter of course for us that every dog immediately receives a bowl of water.

Our dog menu was mentioned in the article “Für vierbeinige Gourmets: Hunde-Speisekarte” in the online edition of the Gastronomie Report. (16 May, 2015)

Dogs’ Standard Menu

2,50 €

100g “Royal Canin sensible” dry dog food
1 bowl water inclusive

Dogs’ Pamper Menu

6,50 €

100g “Royal Canin sensible” dry dog food
75g cooked chicken
1 bowl water inclusive

Dogs’ Deluxe Menu

8,50 €

100g “Royal Canin sensible” dry dog food
75g cooked beef
75g noodles
A small tripe as desert
1 bowl water inclusive

Dog Beer

3,00 €


Various Chewing Fun

2,00 € pro Stück

Tripe, pig ears, beef sticks, pizzles… we always have everything here.
(But you have to approach your mistress/master that they ask for it.)
Piece € 2.00

Should your darling need an XL-portion up to 200g “Royal Canin sensible” dry dog food we charge an additional € 2.00.

BRIMO Dog Food

  • Beef with potatoes, rutabaga and zucchini
  • Kangaroo with pumpkin and potatoes
  • Venison with potatoes and zucchini
  • Chicken with quinoa and zucchini
  • Horse with carrots and celeriac
  • Fowl with buckwheat, celeriac and carrots
  • Beef with millet, carrots and peas (gluten-free)
  • Fowl with rice, zucchini and corn (gluten-free)

per 200g portion € 3.50

Eden Food

Prepared and filled up by hand with ingredients of purest quality with organic certificate

  • Turkey with parsley root & carrots
  • Beef with carrots & millet
  • Chicken with carrots, brown rice & parsley
  • Goat with parsnip & potato
  • Beef with bell pepper & brown rice

per 200g portion € 4.50


We always try to have everything in stock, but please don’t be angry if that’s not the case and if we have to obtain it at “Tierladen – Herrsching am Ammersee” on our next shopping trip.

The 10 Commandments of the Post Dog

  1. A bowl of water of course – if we overlook it please make yourself felt that you are thirsty.
  2. PORTION HAPPY DOG SNACK gets every dog at our place! If your mistress/master approves it!
  3. We have dog blankets, if the floor is too cold for you.
  4. Tell your owner to please not take pillows from the bench.
  5. In case it’s raining and you’re wet try not to shake yourself in the seating area – at The Post we even have towels to rub you dry.
  6. Lay yourself down at a shielded place, where you feel well and don’t disturb other guests.
  7. Stay on the leash.
  8. If you like to snap, wear a muzzle.
  9. Don’t bark, or if – and when there is no other way – quietly and short.
  10. If you liked it here and the food at The Post, please come back with your mistress/master and recommend us to your friends.

Our kitchen team cooks for you daily between 11am and 10pm.

Group Reservation

Intolerance / Allergies

Our chefs are anxious to see you leave The Post full and happy. Do not hesitate to tell your waiter your wishes – we will cook for you everything that is possible for us. We have a list of allergens for all our meals, just ask us.

We exclusively cook with Andechser organic alp butter!

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