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New Year’s Eve 2019/2020 in the Post

New Year’s Eve 2019/2020 in the Post

Arrive, be our guest and become part of the Postfamily – We’re looking forward to seeing you!

Here’s what you’ll get for your money and 2 persons:

  • 5 Night stays
  • 6 Breakfast
  • 1 Bottle of Adelholzner water in the room
  • Fruit in the corridor
  • 2 Visitor‘s tax
  • 2 Welcome drink
  • 4 3-course menu
  • 2 Bottles of housewine
  • 2 Schnapps
  • 2 Franconian sparkling wine
  • 2 Eat sausages and have some “Edelstoff”-beer in the Munich restaurant “Augustiner am Dom”
  • 2 4-course meal according to your wishes
  • 1 Bottle of wine „Because life is beautiful”
  • 2 Handicrafts with innkeeper Elisabeth
  • 2 Wine tasting and appetizers
  • 2 Bavarian-Styrian-Menu
  • 2 6-course New Year’s Eve Menu
  • 2 Kaiserschmarr‘n with innkeeper Elisabeth
  • 2 Homemade marmalade to take back home

That’s what your perfect stay at the Post could look like:

Arrive early and we’ll welcome you with an amazing breakfast!

Take your luggage up to the room or store it at the reception, pack a picnic bag and up you go the hill to Andechs Abbey or down to the Ammersee, walking along Germany’s longest lakeshore promenade…whatever you like! Little hint from innkeeper Elisabeth: It’s nice for everybody to shop in Herrsching – but the ladies will be pleased with a nice card upfront…no matter if Visa, Master, Amex.

Back at the Post, you’ll find a hot “Jagatee” waiting for you…this is a hot and spicy kind of tea, you definitely have to give a try! It goes very well with Elisabeth’s homemade cookies – this will awaken your spirits and warm you from the inside!

You’re always welcome for dinner, our motivated staff will thoroughly spoil you…with some delicious beef-brisket-carpaccio, a whole, roasted char from the BBQ or maybe better a steak, a Bottle of wine “Because life is beautiful” which goes well with this and finally a yummy “Apfelstrudel” (special kind of apple pie) topped with a zirbe schnapps … let yourself be surprised … and have a good night

Start the day with our rich and hearty breakfast buffet – it comes with a glass of prosecco – or its Bavarian alternative: wheat beer – and original Weißwurst sausages.

Off you go to Munich then: Our insider’s tip for today – also because it was rated as “very good” by the guests in 2017 – visit the restaurant “Augustiner am Dom”. Here you’ll probably get the best sausages with homemade mustard ever (together with a half of Augustiner Edelstoff-beer) – and as a guest of the Post: Your good name is payment enough! Now, you’re powered up to climb the 306 stair-steps up the steeple of the “Alte Peter”. It’s only 2,50 € (we would say it costs as much as an apple and an egg) and could also be called “on Elisabeths tracks”: In her childhood, the highlight of every visit in Munich was the ascent to the observation deck of the 91 meter high church St. Peter – one of Munich’s famous landmarks. Afterwards show Elisabeth your entrance ticket and you’ll get an original … from her – let yourself be surprised. Also the city hall is worth seeing, but to go up the tower by elevator is only half the fun, Oma Rosi says…But you’ll find a lot more to see and do in Munich and we’ll gladly provide tour tips.

As soon as you’re back “at home in the Post”, you’ll find a 4-course meal according to your wishes waiting for you (you can tell Elisabeth all of these wishes at your arrival day). Also a fine bottle of wine is coming with the delicious food and as much “Adam’s wine” as you can drink.

Go to bed and read a good story – maybe the one of the “Schweinehund” (Elisabeth will show you, what this means…  )

Enjoy our delicious breakfast to the full, try out all of our homemade cereals, test our marmalades as well as the other products of local manufacturers, like the Andechser dairy factory – don’t just admire, but eat them all!

You’re welcome to visit a holy mass here in Herrsching or hike up (on the tracks of the Way of St. James) the hill to Andechs Abbey. There you can either enjoy the silence and light up a little candle or have a cold beer.

In the afternoon you’re invited to paint and craft smiling stones, so called “Schmunzelsteine”, together with Elisabeth. She’ll explain how this works and why everybody should do this. Some coffee and sweet stuff is also available for you. And because a Monday without work should always be quiet and peaceful, our hotel guests will afterwards get together in the winter garden, where we have prepared a little winetasting and appetizers.

A typical Post-dinner is waiting for you tonight. It will provide you an insight into the Bavarian-Austrian-Gourmet cuisine. Since you already had some wine, we stick with it and you’ll have a nice bottle of Postwine with the delicious food.

Good night…sleep safe and sound through the last night before New Year’s Eve and all its good resolutions!

“Simply enjoy” – start the day with our mouth-watering breakfast buffet (today from 8 am to 10.30 am). If you want to, you can work a little bit and write down all your good resolutions for the New Year (we’ve prepared nice little sheets of paper for you).

Maybe do something reasonable: Buy some fireworks, go to Munich and visit the “English Garden” or “climb” the Olympic tower, write more New Year’s resolutions notes, paint a picture or engrave glasses, see the Paehler canyon…we gladly help out with even more ideas…because we’ve got plenty for you!

In the evening we‘ll…CELEBRATE TOGETHER WITH YOU – under the motto: IT’S SO GOOD THAT YOU ARE HERE!

Enjoy the 6-course New Year’s Eve Menu from 7 pm on (beverages are not included in the package-price).

New Year’s Eve Menu

Sleep in, because you can have breakfast until noon today. We’ll boost you up then with Bavarian Weißwurst sausages, roast potatoes, original Nuremberger rib steak sausages and a lot of fresh fruit – for the vitamins. If you want it in the unhealthy way – we also have some aspirin in stock!

Our recommendation for today is a walk along the lakeshore (to clear the head) or – for early birds – the New Years’ Service at the local church.

Just in case, you haven’t done this last year already: Between 4 pm and 5 pm you can bake your own “Kaiserschmarr‘n”, together with innkeeper Elisabeth.

Where Bavarians and Austrians meet, there you’ll find good food. Since you have tried some of that already, we’ll offer you something quite different today. We have a delicious 3-course menu for you…à la surprise (beverages are not included in the package-price)!

Start the day not only with freshly-squeezed orange juice, but please have us prepare some scrambled eggs / omelet / eggs sunny side up sizzling for you (with eggs from a regional farmer’s hens). Then you’ll have enough power to pack your bags and…say goodbye; so that you still remember us at home, you can take some of our homemade marmalades with you.

See you again soon!