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Men’s time!

Here’s what you’ll get for your money and 2 persons:

  • 2 Night stays
  • 3 Breakfast (for those who want it) 🙂
  • 1 Bottle Adelholzner water in the room
  • Fruit in the corridor
  • 2 Visitor’s tax
  • 2 Drink of Augustiner
  • 2 Picnic with Augustiner beer
  • 2 Smoked meat selection
  • 1 15 liter cask of beer (for bookings of 5 or more double rooms)
  • 2 Hirschkuss liqueur
  • 2 Augustiner Weißbier
  • 2 4-course men‘s meal
  • 2 Augustiner glasses with personalized engraving

That’s what your perfect stay at the Post could look like:

On your arrival day (it’s super if you can all arrive here by 3 p.m.) we’ll welcome you with a cool drink of Augustiner before you check in!
Then it’s off to your rooms to freshen up a bit!
Then start off with a walk along the lake and shake up the promenade.
So that you don’t dry out and starve, you’ll receive our picnic trolley filled with goodies – because food and drink are what hold the spirit together!

In the evening you’ll receive – in the biergarten or in our restaurant depending on the weather – a hearty soup first of all, and then the best spare ribs from Otmar’s smoker.
Enjoy and eat as much as you can, that’s the motto today. In addition to spare ribs of course there are delicious salads, bread, B.B.Q. sauce, house fries, baked potato and whatever else we think of.
And what we absolutely can’t leave out is a 15-liter Augustiner wooden beer cask so you can draw your own beer – you can drink it yourself too!
And we can’t forget the schnapps. That’s why you’ll all get a Hirschkuss – that’s a Bavarian schnapps, our answer to Jägermeister.
Either you can provide your own music or we can also organize a DJ for you – or you can just enjoy our music.
At 1 a.m. at the latest, we’ll say goodnight, since you have a big day ahead of you tomorrow!

You can look forward to a hearty breakfast with scrambled and fried eggs, wonderful coffee.  And to top it all off in the form of „Frühschoppen,” Weißwürst sausages and a Weißbier for each of you.

The day is completely open for you, as you please. Our recommendation is to head off to Andechs:  here you’ll need an hour to climb the mountain.  There’s a lovely church waiting for you at the top, or you can relax in the brewery’s biergarten.  You could head off to explore Munich on your own – there are many Augustiner taverns there, which we highly recommend.

We’ll be waiting for you in the evening with a tasty 3-course meal prepared – for dessert you’ll have the absolutely most delicious Kaiserschmarrn ever – und and if our hostess has the time, she’ll make the Kaiserschmarrn together with you. Depending on how tired you are, you can finish off the day at our bar – then it’s off to bed.

Welcome to our final long breakfast together. Whatever we can do to make you feel at home! We’re glad to provide you with an aspirin too. We’re glad you came – maybe we’ll see you again next time.

And because it was such a nice time, each of you will receive an original Augustiner glass with your own name engraved as a parting gift.