A real Bavarian restaurant, hotel and beer garden in Herrsching at Ammersee

Weekly Menu Recommendation

The Gasthof Hotel zur Post is open Monday to Sunday between 7am and midnight.

Our kitchen team cooks for you daily between 11am and 10pm.

Asparagus Season

from 14th May 2018

„I am worth it“
Post elderberry sprizz
on time for the elderflowers
0.2 l     6.90 €

Daily in the evening FRESH SPARERIBS from the smoker
with bread
Also available at other times on request.
pork 14.90 €
beef 16.90 €

Böfflamott = Finest braised beef
with potato dumpling
16.90 €

Fine asparagus cream soup
with cream topping
to have a taste in a soup cup 4,90 €
soup bowl 7,90 €

As the guests like it so much, the Größtl stays on the menu
Herrengrößtl - Austrian pan dish
mostly from dumpling with roast meat, onions, spring onions, Augustiner dark beer sauce and a fried egg
11.90 €

Schorsche eats... a shake me salad
with asparagus pieces and yogurt dressing
9.90 €

Asparagus tarte flambée
with asparagus, sour cream, ham and tomatoes
13.90 €

Fine noodles with asparagus ragout
tomatoes and young rocket salad and wild garlic
14.90 €

Fresh asparagus spears
with young potatoes, either butter or Hollandaise sauce
17.90 €

Served to the asparagus spears there is also:
South Tyrolean bacon 5.90 €
cooked ham 5.90 €
buttered escalope of veal original Vienna style 8.90 €
a small point steak 150g 9.90 €
who wants can also order 2 steaks 19.80 €

„Oma Rosi“ sundae
ice cream with homemade egg liqueur and cream topping
8.90 €
to have a try 4.90 €

All dishes on this menu while food stocks lasts - that means, if it's all eaten up, then there is nothing left

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