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Valentine's 6-course love menu

For everyone in love - or those who wish to fall in love again

Crispy bread to fall in love
with 3 kinds of fine pasty

Fine smoked salmon tartar in a crispy strudel basket
served with wasabifoam on rocket salad

Superb consommé of Austrian chicken
with noodles, pulled chicken meat and vegetables

Espuma of pear and pomegranate
served in a cone

Tender prime boiled veal served in the soup
with apple horse radish, pretzel cream and potatoes

Tenderly melting vanilla ice cream with stewed apricots

Wednesday, 14th February 2018

6-course meal

Price per person 49.49 €

(Menu only on pre-order)

The Valentine' Custom

The custom to give flowers an Valentine's Day dates back to the antiquity - to the feast day of the Roman goddess Juno (protectress of marriage and family) on the 14th February. On that day, flowers were sacrifised to the goddess and couples were matched for one year via a love lottery (Lupercalia festival).

In medieval times, Klerus adjusted the already existing holidays and customs to the Christian faith and because the 14.02. was almost identical with the day of the beheading of the holy Valentine, the day of the people in love was from thereon named "Valentine's Day". The Italian holy bishop was said to have illicitly married couples the Christian way and gave them colourful bouquets of flowers. He is the patron saint of beekeepers. The "Valentine's bread" was considered to be a remedy, the mugwort ("Herba S. Valentini") is dedicated to him. So "Christians" could celebrate with the same customs as the "pagans" and the old customs could be carried on under new etiquette.

Already 600 years ago it was in England a custom to give "Valentines" - cards with four lines love poems - to each other. Originator of the trend to combine the sending of those cards with flowers is supposedly the writer Samuel Pepys, who wrote his wife a love letter on light blue paper with golden initials on the 14.02.1667, whereupon she enthusiastically sent him a flower bouquet. From theron the combining of letter and flowers was imitated by the noble British society. Tip: Enhance the envelope with fragrant, dried flowers (potpourri)...

English expatriats brought the Valentine's custom to the "New World" - and after the Second World War American soldiers brought the custom to Germany. 1950 the first "Valentine's ball" was hosted in Nuremberg; the Valentine's Day was officially introduced.

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