A real Bavarian restaurant, hotel and beer garden in Herrsching at Ammersee

Today's Lunch Specialty

Monday 18th February to Friday 23rd February 2018 between noon and 3pm

Each day a decent lunch for 6.90 €


Green beans bacon pan
with onions, potatoes and stripes of pork loin
6.90 €


with carrots and mashed potatoes
6.90 €


Cordon bleu
with wild garlic pesto and ham
6.90 €


Penne pasta in cheese and white wine cream sauce
with tomatoes and ham
6.90 €


Currywurst with French fries
6.90 €

As of now there is a small salad to the daily lunch special for only 2 €

Allergen Notice

Dear Guests,
Since 2 1/2 years we cook for you! I, Otmar Walch, have learned 36 years ago in my training as a chef to cook an honest kitchen and to prepare meals fresh daily. With our chefs here at The Post we vary our recipes on the whim including many old recipes from Austria & Bavaria. Our food and drinks can contain allergens. We ask all guests with food allergies and food intolerances to talk to us, just like in the last years. We will most certainly find you a meal that will make you happy!

Your hosts and innkeepers Elisabeth & Otmar

Preview every day for 6.90 €

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CW 9: 26th February till 2nd March 2018

Monday, 26th February
Spaghetti Carbonara

Tuesday, 27th February
Nuremberger bratwursts on sauerkraut

Wednesday, 28th February
Cordon bleu with bacon, onions and cheese

Thursday, 1st March
Brisket of beef in horseradish cream sauce with fried potatoes

Friday, 2nd March
Rice pan with mushrooms, onions, 3 types of cheese and a small salad

CW 10: 5th March till 9th March 2018

Monday, 5th March
Chicken breast on paprika foam with potatoes

Tuesday, 6th March
Meatballs (homemade) with potato salad and gravy

Wednesday, 7th March
Lentils bacon stew with sausage and roll

Thursday, 8th March
Pasta with ham, peas, onions and a small mixed salad

Friday, 9th March
Cordon bleu with beans, corn and bacon

CW 11: 12th March till 16th March 2018

Monday, 12th March
Chicken fricassee with rice

Tuesday, 13th March
Pork loin fried non-breaded with sage, bacon on tomato noodles

Wednesday, 15th March
Cordon bleu with Gorgonzola and pear

Thursday, 15th March
Pork neck steak on tomato sauce with potatoes

Friday, 16th March
Hearty sausage goulash with roll

CW 12: 19th March till 23rd March 2018

Monday, 19th March
Chinese cabbage with meatballs and potatoes

Tuesday, 20th March
Strudel with ham, cheese, mushrooms and salad

Wednesday, 21st March
Spaghetti with cherry tomatoes, feta and rucola

Thursday, 22nd March
Potato - minced meat - sauerkraut casserole au gratin with cheese

Friday, 23rd March
Beef strips in mustard sauce with roast potatoes

CW 13: 26th March till 30th March 2018

Monday, 26th March
Stew of brisket of beef with vegetables, pasta, served in soup

Tuesday, 27th March
Chilli con carne with tacos

Wednesday, 28th March
"Pepper pork" Pork loin from the grill with pepper sauce and polenta puree

Thursday, 29th March
Indian chicken curry with raisins and fragrant rice

Friday, 30th March - Good Friday
Today is a public holiday, there is no lunch special

CW 14: 2nd April till 6th April 2018

Monday, 2nd April - Easter Monday
Today is a public holiday, there is no lunch special

Tuesday, 3rd April
Strudel with cabbage, minced meat and salad

Wednesday, 4th April
Szegedin goulash (pork) with bread dumpling

Thursday, 5th April
Shashlik with French fries

Friday, 6th April
Large Salisbury steak on pepper sauce with boiled potatoes

CW 15: 9th April till 13th April 2018

Monday, 9th April
Cordon bleu with bacon, plums and cheese

Tuesday, 10th April
Rice pan with nuts, vegetables and pork strips

Wednesday, 11th April
Large mixed salad with yogurt dressing and schnitzel strips

Thursday, 12th April
Baked fish fillet in dill sauce with potatoes

Friday, 13th April
Pork loin fried non-breaded on leaf spinach with boiled potatos and fried egg

CW 16: 16th April till 20th April 2018

Monday, 16th April
Tagliatelle with mushrooms, spring onions and a small salad

Tuesday, 17th April
Cordon bleu with spinach and feta cheese

Wednesday, 18th April
Spaghetti Carbonara with egg

Thursday, 19th April
Roasted Maultaschen (pasta squares) with meat filling, onions and egg

Friday, 20th April
Meatloaf with mashed potatoes

CW 17: 23rd April till 27th April 2018

Monday, 23rd April
Pork strips in fine cognac-cream sauce with French fries

Tuesday, 24th April
Sweet sour chicken meat with vegetables and rice

Wednesday, 25th April
Colourful potato minced meat pan

Thursday, 26th April
Hearty onion beef of brisket of beef with butter potatoes

Friday, 27th April
Schinkennudeln - noodles with ham and egg

CW 18: 31st April till 4th May 2018

Monday, 31st April
Browned meat loaf with potato cucumber salad

Tuesday, 1st May
Pork strips with marjoram and mashed potatoes

Wednesday, 2nd May
Cordon bleu with salami, fennel and cheese

Thursday, 3rd May
Potato vegetables with pork curry

Friday, 4th May
Chicken strips "Zurich style" with champignons and rice

CW 19: 7th May till 11th May 2018

Monday, 7th May
Onion soup au gratin with baguette

Tuesday, 8th May
Spicy penne pasta with small tomato salad with red onions

Wednesday, 9th May
Pork loin "Gipsy style" with bell pepper and onions, served with French fries

Thursday, 10th May - Ascension Day
Today is a public holiday, there is no lunch special

Friday, 11th May
Cordon bleu with mustard and horseradish

CW 20: 14th May till 18th May 2018

Monday, 14th May
Meatballs on fine potato cucumber salad

Tuesday, 15th May
Baked potato with sour cream and chicken wings

Wednesday, 16th May
Asian glass noodle pan with vegetables, peanuts and fine pork

Thursday, 17th May
Chicken fricassee with rice

Friday, 18th May
Fish curry with potatoes

CW 21: 21st May till 25th May 2018

Monday, 21st May - Pentecost Monday
Today is a public holiday, there is no lunch special

Tuesday, 22nd May
Homemade meatloaf with sauce and mashed potatoes

Wednesday, 23rd May
Spaghetti aglio e olio with Parmesan cheese

Thursday, 24th May
Chicken drumstick with rice

Friday, 25th May
Cordon bleu with sun-dried tomatoes and fresh cheese

CW 22: 28th May till 1st June 2018

Monday, 28th May
Farfalle with chicken strips, vegetables, nuts and soy sauce

Tuesday, 29th May
Cordon bleu with peanut butter and cheese

Wednesday, 30th May
Stuffed bell peppers with mashed potatoes

Thursday, 31st May
Salad with balsamic vinegar dressing, organic feta cheese from Andechs, olives and onion rings

Friday, 1st June
Meran schnitzel au gratin with salami & cheese, served with potatoes

CW 23: 4th June till 8th June 2018

Monday, 4th June
Augustiner beer goulash with a roll

Tuesday, 5th June
Italien roast pork braised in cow milk, served with potatoes with rosemary

Wednesday, 6th June
Penne pasta with spinach ham sauce and Parmesan

Thursday, 7th June
Beef strips in hearty red wine chili sauce with potatoes

Friday, 8th June
"Rita's casserole" of chicken with Parmesan and egg, served with rice

CW 24: 11th June till 15th June 2018

Monday, 11th June
Cordon bleu with bacon and obatzda (Bavarien cheese spread)

Tuesday, 12th June
Chicken-lemon-garlic-goulash with pasta

Wednesday, 13th June
Pork schnitzel roasted non-breaded with rice and mushroom sauce

Thursday, 14th June
Jacket potatoes with some butter, 1 Camembert and a small salad

Friday, 15th June
Spaghetti in salmon cream sauce with herbs

CW 25: 18th June till 22nd June 2018

Monday, 18th June
Fitness wholemeal pasta with vegetables, ham and a small salad

Tuesday, 19th June
Potato stir-fry with roasted chicken pieces and sesame, vegetables and egg

Wednesday, 20th June
Currywurst with French fries

Thursday, 21st June
Browned Maultaschen (pasta squares) with onions and salad

Friday, 22nd June
Woodcutter steak of pork neck with onions, bacon and French fries

CW 26: 25th June till 29th June 2018

Monday, 25th June
Pasta with thyme - bacon - cream sauce

Tuesday, 26th June
Beef strips with mashed potato

Wednesday, 27th June
Homemade spinach lasagne served on béchamel sauce

Thursday, 28th June
Chicken breast in peanut sauce with fried rice

Friday, 29th June
Spicy shashlik with French fries

CW 27: 2nd July till 6th July 2018

Monday, 2nd July
Large salad with balsamic vinegar dressing, corn, pickled peppers and ham

Tuesday, 3rd July
Chicken strips à la "Oma Rosi" in soya cream sauce and spätzle (Swabian noodles)

Wednesday, 4th July
Mixed meat/vegetable balls with potatoes

Thursday, 5th July
Lemon grass chicken with fennel and rice

Friday, 6th July
Noodles in tomato sauce with anchovies, capers and olives

CW 28: 9th July till 13th July 2018

Monday, 9th July
Chicken fillet in honey chili sauce with potato carrot vegetable

Tuesday, 10th July
Penne pasta with tomato beef ragout

Wednesday, 11th July
Suckling pig rolled roast with potato salad

Thursday, 12th July
Tarte flambée with mountain cheese, tomatoes, ham and olives

Friday, 13th July
Cordon bleu with cheese, ham and pineapple

CW 29: 16th July till 20th July 2018

Monday, 16th July
Munich marjoram meat of beef with fried potatoes

Tuesday, 17th July
Tarte flambée with sour cream, ham, tomatoes, potatoes, rosemary and thyme

Wednesday, 18th July
Pork loin au gratin with ham and cheese, served with potato sticks

Thursday, 19th July
Caesar salad with herb baguette and Parmesan

Friday, 20th July
Chicken breast fillet in curry sauce with pineapple and almond rice

CW 30: 23rd July till 27th July 2018

Monday, 23rd July
Lukewarm Herrschinger beer roast with roast potatoes, mustard and horse radish

Tuesday, 24th July
Roasted chicken breast with vegetables and mashed potatoes

Wednesday, 25th July
Kassler (gammon steak) on sauerkraut with boiled potatoes

Thursday, 26th July
Large mixed salad with fried mushrooms, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and croutons

Friday, 27th July
Spaghetti Bolognese

CW 31: 30th July till 3rd August 2018

Monday, 30th July
Pepper schnitzel of pork, roasted non-breaded in spicy pepper sauce and butter spaetzle (Swabian noodles)

Tuesday, 31st July
Ribbon noodles in dill cream sauce with smoked salmon strips

Wednesday, 1st August
Spicy beef salad "Thai style" with white bread

Thursday, 2nd August
"Mama Ella" chicken drumstick simmered in own juice with couscous

Friday, 3rd August
Cordon bleu with feta cheese and pumpkin seeds

CW 32: 6th August till 10th August 2018

Monday, 6th August
Hearty colourful potato minced meat pan

Tuesday, 7th August
Greek farmers' salad with organic feta cheese from Andechs, olives and onions

Wednesday, 8th August
Tarte flambée with schnitzel stripes

Thursday, 9th August
Spring rolls, wonton (Chinese dumpling), satay sticks with small salad and hot chili sauce

Friday, 10th August
Meat loaf fresh from the oven with potato cucumber salad

CW 33: 13th August till 17th August 2018

Monday, 13th August
Sour vinegar dumplings with onions

Tuesday, 14th August
Strudel with ham, spinach and feta cheese on chives cream

Wednesday, 15th August
Pork strips in Dijon mustard sauce with potatos

Thursday, 16th August
Meatballs in tomato sauce with noodles

Friday, 17th August
Carpaccio of brisket of beef with small salad, balsamic vinegar, pumpkin seed oil and red onions

CW 34: 20th August till 24th August 2018

Monday, 20th August
Turkey schnitzel in cornflakes coating and salad with yogurt dressing

Tuesday, 21st August
Colourful bell pepper chicken with mashed potatoes

Wednesday, 22nd August
Salisbury steak with colourful Balkan rice and onions

Thursday, 23rd August
Vitello tonnato of boiled ox with tuna mayonnaise and capers, served with brown bread

Friday, 24th August
Cordon bleu with spring onions, bacon and tomato

CW 35: 27th August till 31st August 2018

Monday, 27th August
Cordon bleu of pork filled with obatzda (cheese spread), South Tyrolean cheese and French fries

Tuesday, 28th August
Spicy penne pasta with sun-dried tomatoes, olives, eggplants, onions and garlic

Wednesday, 29th August
Pork loin fried non-breaded filled with sheep's cheese & tomatoes with potatoes

Thursday, 30th August
Bratwurst with sauerkraut and bread

Friday, 31st August
Pork liver strips with apple, onions and mashed potatoes

CW 36: 3rd September till 7th September 2018

Monday, 3rd September
Spaghetti Bolognese - made by the landlady with Parmesan cheese

Tuesday, 4th September
Otmarts smoked pork shoulder with potato salad

Wednesday, 5th September
Farfalle with smoked salmon strips in light wild garlic - white wine - cream sauce

Thursday, 6th September
Chicken strips in mustard herb sauce with rice

Friday, 7th September
Cordon bleu with minced meat and cheese

CW 37: 10th September till 14th September 2018

Monday, 10th September
Spaghetti with rucola, tomatoes and sheep's cheese

Tuesday, 11th September
"Otmar's" lentil stew with spicy sausages

Wednesday, 12th September
Cordon bleu with minced meat and feta cheese filling served with French fries

Thursday, 13th September
Chicken Hawaii gratinated with pineapple, ham and tomatoes served with French fries

Friday, 14th September
Courgette stuffed with minced meat, served with rice

CW 38: 17th September till 21st September 2018

Monday, 17th September
Paprika chicken strips in cream sauce, roasted almonds, vegetables and rice

Tuesday, 18th September
Swabian schnitzel with mushroom sauce and spaetzle (Swabian noodles)

Wednesday, 19th September
Ribbon noodles in spicy tomato bacon sauce and a bowl of green salad

Thursday, 20th September
½ roasted chicken with potato salad

Friday, 21st September
Spare ribs with BBQ dip and French fries

CW 39: 24th September till 28th September 2018

Monday, 24th September
Grilled vegetables with small pork schnitzel and butter potatoes

Tuesday, 25th September
The landlady's fish stew served with love and baguette

Wednesday, 26th September
Master brewer steak - pork loin with fried bacon, roast potatoes and onion sauce

Thursday, 27th September
Pasta bake au gratin with 4 types of cheese and a small salad

Friday, 28th September
Chicken fricassee with rice

CW 40: 1st October till 5th October 2018

Monday, 1st October
Chicken strips with curry, grapes and bell pepper on fragrant rice

Tuesday, 2nd October
Fried courgette au gratin with ham and cheese served with potatoes

Wednesday, 3rd October
Today is a public holiday, there is no lunch special

Thursday, 4th October
Bauernomlett - diced bacon and onion omelet with salad

Friday, 5th October
Romy's most delicious vegetable lasagne

CW 41: 8th October till 12th October 2018

Monday, 8th October
Fantastic fried fish with potato crust and two types of potato salad

Tuesday, 9th October
Meatballs on potato cucumber salad

Wednesday, 10th October
Greek strudel with feta cheese, spinach, minced meat and served with a small green salad

Thursday, 11th October
Noodles with ham and egg ... because Mama also made it and just great is

Friday, 12th October
Cordon bleu with sauerkraut and bacon

CW 42: 15th October till 19th October 2018

Monday, 15th October
Meatballs with honey chilli sauce and mashed potatoes

Tuesday, 16th October
Gröstl - Austrian pan dish with fowl, potatoes and egg

Wednesday, 17th October
Shashlik in spicy sauce with French fries

Thursday, 18th October
Vegetable meat stew with herb baguette

Friday, 19th October
Cordon bleu with spinach, tomatoes and feta cheese

CW 43: 22nd October till 26th October 2018

Monday, 22nd October
Styrian plate of boiled beef, served with potatoes and pumpkin seed oil

Tuesday, 23rd October
Mixed bratwurst pan with potatoes, onions and bell pepper

Wednesday, 24th October
Pumpkin - pork - potato - goulash

Thursday, 25th October
Tarte flambée with minced meat and cheese

Friday, 26th October
Poached fish fillet in a vegetable white wine broth, served with boiled potatoes

CW 44: 29th October till 2nd November 2018

Monday, 29th October
Pork steak au cratin with Camembert and cranberries, served with roast potatoes

Tuesday, 30th October
Creamed spinach with ham and egg

Wednesday, 31st October
Cordon bleu with potato, leek, bacon on a salad

Thursday, 1st November
Today is a public holiday, there is no lunch special

Friday, 2nd November
Spicy chick peas chicken curry with rice

CW 45: 5th November till 9th November 2018

Monday, 5th November
Homemade cheese dumplings on herb cream

Tuesday, 6th November
Hearty stew (just like from grandma) with potatoes, meat and root vegetables

Wednesday, 7th November
Penne pasta with minced meat and courgette strips

Thursday, 8th November
Chicken strips à la "Oma Rosi" in soya cream sauce, with fragrant rice

Friday, 9th November
Cordon Bleu filled with bacon and obatzda (Bavarien cheese spread), served with French fries

CW 46: 12th November till 16th November 2018

Monday, 12th November
Currywurst with French fries

Tuesday, 13th November
Pasta bake au gratin with minced meat, vegetables and cheese

Wednesday, 14th November
Pork loin fried non-breaded in pink pepper sauce and mashed potatoes

Thursday, 15th November
Thai curry with chicken, vegetables and rice

Friday, 16th November
Meatballs with red cabbage and roast potatoes

CW 47: 19th November till 23rd November 2018

Monday, 19th November
Pork loin au gratin with tomatoes and cheese, served with tomato rice

Tuesday, 20th November
Old-Bavarian potato soup with wiener and bread roll

Wednesday, 21st November
Spaghetti with leaf spinach, spicy sausage, tomatoes and Parmesan shavings

Thursday, 22nd November
Homemade herb spaetzle (Swabian noodles) with tomato and cheese, mushrooms and a salad

Friday, 23rd November
Chicken strips seasoned with rosemary and potatoes

CW 48: 26th November till 30th November 2018

Monday, 26th November
Chicken breast with sun-dried tomatoes and potato wedges

Tuesday, 27th November
Saffron rice pan with pork, Parmesan and salad

Wednesday, 28th November
Munich schnitzel of pork with mustard & horse radish, served with potato iceberg lettuce

Thursday, 29th November
Spaghetti in spicy tomato sauce with black olives, tuna, capers and spring onions

Friday, 30th November
Nasi Goreng

CW 49: 3rd December till 7th December 2018

Monday, 3rd December
Zigeunerspieß with bell pepper bacon sauce and French fries

Tuesday, 4th December
Gröstl - Austrian pan dish with fowl, dumplings and fried egg

Wednesday, 5th December
Creamed roast with spaetzle (Swabian noodles)

Thursday, 6th December
Spaghetti with peas and ham in light white wine cream sauce

Friday, 7th December
Tarte flambée with sour cream, tomatoes, ham, bacon and olives

CW 50: 10th December till 14th December 2018

Monday, 10th December
Elisabeth's favourite dish: Brisket of beef in pretzel cream with boiled potatoes

Tuesday, 11th December
Meatballs of minced pork and minced beef with mashed potatoes and mushroom sauce

Wednesday, 12th December
Spicy pasta with fennel, salsiccia (Italian sausage), hot pepper and tomatoes

Thursday, 13th December
Chicken drumstick simmered in own juice with polenta

Friday, 14th December
Fish fillet in white wine - dill - vegetable sauce with potatoes

CW 51: 17th December till 21st December 2018

Monday, 17th December
Noodles with ham and egg and onions

Tuesday, 18th December
Mixed roast meat with dumpling, red cabbage and sauce

Wednesday, 19th December
Spicy onion beef of pork with old Bavarian potato sticks (French fries)

Thursday, 20th December
Chicken strips fried in beer dough on salad

Friday, 21st December
Cordon bleu with cheese and peanut butter

CW 52: 24th December till 28th December 2018

Monday, 24th December - Christmas Eve
Today there is no lunch special

Tuesday, 25th December - 1st Christmas Day
Today there is no lunch special

Wednesday, 26th December - 2nd Christmas Day
Today there is no lunch special

Thursday, 27th December
Stuffed pork loin with roas potatoes

Friday, 28th December
Piccata Milanese with chicken and French fries

Dear guests, if you have suggestions or wishes for the next lunch special, please let us know!


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