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Thomas Jäger - a Traditional Blacksmith in the Town of Herrsching

Thomas Jäger is a self-taught blacksmith and metal worker in the town of Herrsching at the Ammersee. His workshop is located directly along the small Kienbach stream, next to Gasthof Hotel zur Post.

Thomas is the only traditional blacksmith in Herrsching. After finishing school he continued his higher education in the field of machine engineering. Through his work with metal he soon realised his ambition for forging. Max Brandl, the former owner of the established blacksmith's workshop of Herrsching, permitted Thomas to rent his workplace for a few hours a week. During this time Thomas had the opportunity to learn and improve his forging and metalworking skills and soon became Hans' business partner. Since about 15 years Thomas manages the workshop himself.

Thomas combines traditional craftsmanship with modern methods, working with iron and steel as well as high-grade steel. His classical smithery includes fancy garden gates, grids, railings, grave crosses and candlesticks. However, much of his commissioned day-to-day work includes metal gates, wrought ironwork of staircases and roofing etc.

Whenever he has time to spare, Thomas allows his creative side to work on abstract art sculptures, combining iron with wood and stone. He is also specialised in designing fire bowls with fitting grillage.

Thomas regularly exhibits his sculptures and fire bowls at art markets throughout Bavaria. Those interested in seeing his work are welcome to drop by his workshop. His work is also displayed from time to time at The Post.

Thomas Jäger
Smithery, metalworking, locksmith
Abertstrasse 2
82211 Herrsching am Ammersee

Tel.: +49-(0)172 812 9923.
Website: schlosserei-herrsching.de

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