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The Story of The Post Maypole 2013

There was a loud cheer by the innkeepers and regulars as the 18-metre long maypole, which was felled and debranched in the local woods, was delivered on the Friday of Johannes. However, the joy would last only half a day and half a night.

The innkeeper, Otmar Walch, was so confident and full of belief in the good of man, that he thought the maypole, which still had the bark on and was laying unguarded in the Postgarten, would never....
Oh well, he underestimated the handball players of Herrsching, who were just this evening sitting together in good company in The Post.

On Saturday morning the innkeeper and regulars were flabbergasted when instead of the maypole nothing was to be found in the beer garden. They puzzled all day! Only after the not so outstanding game by the handball players in the Herrschinger Halle the mystery was revealed. According to a reliable source, the coach was unimpressed by his team. The players excused their rather poor performance throughout the game by the fact that they had to steal the maypole of The Post for the sole benefit of the handball club.

On Monday the negotiations started about what the innkeeper is willing to pay to redeem the pawn.

The thieves were tough negotiators and did not content themselves with a Brotzeit (light meal) and an Augustiner beer. NO, they do NOT put great value on that. "Des kenne mia uns a selba kaufen" - "That we can buy ourselves" stated the main spokesman.

"It is much more important that we do something for our kindergarten children so that they experience and learn a bit of antiquity and custom." The negotiations ended for both sides with the following result: There is a damned fine Brotzeit and a delicious drink for all kindergarten kids of the Herrsching community. A voucher for a summer ice cream was added by the hosts Elisabeth and Otmar.

In the meantime, the "old Herrschinger regulars" got to work and stole the Post maypole from the handballers. With great laughter and mischievous grin, the men gathered in The Post and enjoyed a Brotzeit and Augustiner, which of course was billed to the handball players.

On Saturday 27th April 2013 at two o'clock, the maypole was duly returned accompanied by the brass band of Herrsching. The landlord did things in style and treated the handball players with a 30-litre wooden barrel of Augustiner and Brotzeit.

All's well that ends well! The maypole was solemnly erected by the Post regulars on the 1st May 2013!

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