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We want to share joy.....

Dear business partners, colleagues, friends and all those who want to become! Our event was a great success. Many thanks! We could proudly hand over 2,800 to pastor Franz Schmid!

In the second half of February, I will visit families in need in Herrsching together with our pastor Schmid to present them the money. At this point, an honest confession: I was not aware of how many hands and feet were needed to collect all the presents, 500 in total, wrap them and hand them over to the winners... etc. My personal thanks goes to all those who helped, especially to my two Post Angels Melanie and Susi. While I had the idea, those two angels made it possible, realised it for the most and gave all their support.

We cannot list all the names of the donors and businesses which participated, but I can tell you there were very very many.

For 2014 and all the following years we wish that also those will participate who did not take part the previous year, because already on the 15th December 2013 we ran out of lottery tickets!

Conclusion: We do it again... because we want to share joy! Again...

Warm regards and a successful 2014
Your Elisabeth Hellmann & Otmar Walch & the entire Post team

Living Advent calendar 2014

Business partners wanted

We know that Christmas is over - but it comes back every year!

Here in Herrsching we want to get a living Advent calendar up for the people of Herrsching.

We are looking for business partners who are willing to be the host for one evening in the time of 1st December 2014 to 24th December 2014 and to open their doors.

Living Advent calendar means, that people are invited for telling, to speak or sing together, to tinker, bake or music making. Everybody can think of something: A fire in the garden with stick bread baking, small islands of tranquility in the often hectic Advent season, bake cookies, to read aloud an Advent story, to pour candles, to set up a crib, to tinker Christmas cards,... etc.

Not only doors should open, but also the hearts and ears.

A timetable with when, who and where is taken care of and forwarded to the press by us! More details I would like to discuss in the autumn!

Who wants to participate, please send a short email to me ().

Warm greetings

Elisabeth Hellmann

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