A real Bavarian restaurant, hotel and beer garden in Herrsching at Ammersee

Seasonal Menu

The Gasthof Hotel zur Post is open Monday to Sunday between 7am and midnight.

Our kitchen team cooks for you daily between 11am and 10pm.

Chanterelle Season

6th June 2017 till 13th July 2017

"I deserve this"
Woodruff Spritz
Homemade woodruff syrup & sparkling wine from Franconia
0.1l   3.50 €
0.2l   6.50 €

To fight the heat (organic and homemade)
Ginger - mint - lemonade
0.4 l 4.90 €


1 scoop of crackling fat
homemade with love
with 1 slice of brown bread
2.50 €


Cream of chanterelle soup
with cream topping
to try in a soup cup 5.90 €
soup bowl 7.90 €

"Chill Your Life"
Tasty roasted chanterelles on roasted black bread with a small salad with balsamic vinegar dressing
12.90 €

"Carpe Diem"
Colourful mixed summer salad

with balsamic vinegar dressing and chanterelles from the grill
14.90 €

To like and share

Wolperdinger tarte flambée
with sour cream, onions, tomatoes, chanterelles and bacon
12.90 €

"Because I am as I am"
Baked potato served with roasted chanterelles and with a crispy salad with Italian dressing
13.90 €

Shake me salad
with yogurt dressing
5.90 €

Who eats chanterelles doesn't sin

Retro chanterelles in fine cream sauce
with homemade bread dumpling
17.90 €

Noodles deluxe in light, creamy chanterelle sauce
with chopped tomatoes and spring onions
16.90 €

I love my tender beef point steak (about 200g) from the grill
with chanterelle mushrooms and parsley potatoes
26.90 €

For those who can't have enough chanterelles, there is a small refill for 5.90 €

The wine... "Because life is beautiful"

Fürstlich Castell'sches Domänenamt e. K. Bavaria
Müller-Thurgau, Bacchus and Silvaner unified in a fruity light wine.
0.75l   15.50 €

Fürstlich Castell'sches Domänenamt e. K. Bavaria
Preferably served slightly chilled! Grape variety: acolon.
0.75l   15.50 €

Sweet temptation

1 jar of homemade jam of your choice
butter and bread
7.50 €
Take the rest of the jam home with you.
There is nothing better than something good!

The schnaps following the meal

Roter Williams
2cl 5.90 €

Enjoy your meal!

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