A real Bavarian restaurant, hotel and beer garden in Herrsching at Ammersee

Seasonal Menu

The Gasthof Hotel zur Post is open Monday to Sunday between 7am and midnight.

Our kitchen team cooks for you daily between 11am and 10pm.

„Summer - Sun - Salad“

„Food that makes fit & happy“

3rd August 2017 bis 31st August 2017

„Summertime is rosestime“
Roses spritz
homemade from organic roses from Susi's garden
small 0.1l   3.50 €
large 0.2l   6.50 €

Homemade ginger lemonade
0.4l   4.90 €

„...I'm small but mighty...“
Tomato salad with red onions
6.90 €

„Healthy and fresh“
Baked potato filled with herb sour cream, with small mixed salad in yogurt herb dressing
8.90 €

„Once something else“
Baked potato with our delicious homemade cream (carrots, sunflower seeds, pistachios, olive oil, seasonings, 100% vegan) and a small salad in balsamic vinegar dressing
9.90 €

„...The Bare Necessities...“
Andechser organic feta cheese with small salad, roasted nut mix in honey chilli dressing
16.90 €

„King Ludwig“
Large mixed seasonal salad with delicious balsamic vinegar dressing and roasted bread cubes
9.90 €

Slim Sissi
Colourful salad with homemade yogurt herb dressing, grilled chicken strips and roasted bread cubes
14.80 €

Post coachman's salad
With beef strips from the grill, roasted bread cubes and balsamic vinegar dressing
15,80 €

Emperor Franz salad
With spring onions and bacon, roasted bread cubes and balsamic vinegar dressing
13.80 €

„The knights - as they were“
Delicious salad variation with Oma Rosi dressing (oil/vinegar) and as topping: Cheese, ham and egg
14.90 €

Neptune... or the Ammersee as sea
Tasty salad variation with balsamic vinegar dressing, tuna, olives and red onions
14.90 €

A bit of Greece
Summer salads with olives, Andechser organic feta cheese, red onions in fine balsamic vinegar dressing
14.90 €

„Carpe Diem“ - Enjoy the day
Colourful mixed summer salad with balsamic vinegar dressing and chanterelles from the grill
14.90 €

Regensburger sausage salad
with onions
8.90 €
also available with cheese stripes of Andechser organic alpine cheese
9.90 €

Delicious to the salad
Tomato tarte flambée
(Tarte flambée with tomato sauce)
5.90 €

Steirer Bua
Ice cream with Styrian pumpkin seed oil, whipped cream and pumpkin seed brittle
7.90 €
to have a try
4.90 €

Enjoy your meal!

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