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Mammoths invade The Post!

On Saturday, 5th August 2017, several hundred mammoth marchers set themselves the task of walking 100 kilometres in less than 24 hours.

The starting point was in Munich-Neuaubing, from thereon the route led via Grünwald, Starnberg and Tutzing onto Herrsching and thereafter via Gilching and Germering before returning to Munich-Neuaubing.

After an exhausting night walk and a total of 72 kilometres covered already, the mammoth marchers could enjoy a little strengthening in The Post. Together with A. Schmid Gastro-Service, Früchte Feldbrach and the Andechser Molkerei, The Post offered coffee, hot pea soup with sausages, some fruits and organic drinking yogurt to the sporty and ambitious hikers.

A big thank you to all mammoth marchers who visited us at The Post. We lift our hats to you and hope to welcome you again soon - maybe at the Mammutmarsch München 2018?!

The Mammutmarsch route

What is the Mammutmarsch?

It is a hiking event, in which the participants have 24 hours time to walk 100 kilometres.

In 2009, the three sports loving and adventurous founders teamed up and started the first Mammutmarsch. The goal behind the event then was and still is today: The mammoth marchers should reach their physical and, above all, mental limits, and overcome these together and by this experience go through life more intensely and with more self-confidence. During the first Mammutmarsch an incredible 17 participants came together. Over the course of the following years the march grew from several hundred participants to 2,500 marchers in 2016.

Additional information at www.mammutmarsch.de/munich

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