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"Living Advent Calendar" & "Let's Share Joy 2016"

Who voluntarily wears a Santa cap on a 32°C hot June summer day? How great is that! The living advent calendar makes it happen.

From left to right: Angela Smart, Angela Krusenberg, Elisabeth Walch, Claudia Feyrer-Körner, Simon Rapp, Tina Reich, Ludwig Darchinger
It all began with the Post landlady Elisabeth Walch, who together with her friend Claudia Feyrer-Körner started the "Let's share joy" initiative four years ago. They recall: We sold lottery tickets to the people of Herrsching, from which the proceeds were donated to those in need in Herrsching. One year later followed the "Living advent calendar", when 24 different businesses/societies organised various events in their shops throughout the pre-Christmas period between 1st and 24th December.

Both organisers are thrilled about the combined success of the "Living advent calendar" & "Let's share joy 2016".

By a welcome letter, the Post landlady invited Angela Smart, Tina Reich and Simon Rapp on 24th June 2017 for the handover of the money that was collected since Christmas. In line with the motto: Yes, I'm still alive and I didn't go into hiding or ran away with the money, I just overestimated my available time.

The 3,225€ proceeds which were handed over at Christmas halftime are the benefit of 24 dedicated participating shops and organisations in Herrsching.

Special thanks to Farben Ludwig Darchinger and Optik Claus-Jürgen Kaiser who generously supplemented the amount of their donations.

It would be great if we can continue with the "Living advent calendar" and "Let's share joy" this year again, as well as in many years to follow. We need people with big hearts and ability to assist with their efforts and support.

Kind regards,

Elisabeth Walch
Post Innkeeper with Heart & Soul

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