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How to cook asparagus the right way

Post Innkeeper brings taste into the delicious stalk. Recipe for 4 persons.

2kg white asparagus  
large pot with about 3l water. Bring the water to boil and season with below-mentioned spices
salt to one's own taste but about 1-2 tbsp
sugar to one's own taste but about 1-2 tbsp
butter is there for taste. Fat is a flavour enhancer and I would put about 100g in the pot
1-2 untreated lemons     cut in half, press juice into the water and add cut lemons in the pot

While the water is brought to a boil, start peeling the asparagus.

Peeling asparagus is actually a chef's thing, as asparagus is still a very valuable and expensive food. To peel asparagus the right way is done as follows: First, cut off the asparagus ends about 1cm, then I peel the asparagus starting from the head. The most valuable and best tasting - the asparagus tip - stays untouched and unpeeled. (There were some chefs who peeled the asparagus tips in our kitchen, which unfortunately lead to a very angry reaction from my side!) To do it right I recommend the internet, there one can find videos which show how.

When the asparagus is peeled, cover with a damp cloth.

Then the asparagus peels and end bits are boiled out in the water. After 20 minutes, take out the asparagus peels and throw them away.

We cook the asparagus in the asparagus water that was now created. It is best if the asparagus steeps, depending on the thickness between 5 and 12 minutes. I reccommend you take an asparagus stalk, cut a piece off and try it. The asparagus can still have a nice bite - unless the 3rd teeth are already there, then it is legitimate to cook the asparagus very soft so it is also possible to suck it.

Served with asparagus best is boiled potatoes with butter and/or Hollandaise.

I also eat out of sheer fear not to get full from the asparagus alone the following: Breaded veal escalope, sous-vide cooked chicken breast, a fish fillet, ham or bacon.

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