A real Bavarian restaurant, hotel and beer garden in Herrsching at Ammersee

Hotel Bible

Small Hotel Bible from A to Z - or the small Post Guide (chuckling allowed)
Simpliness and give joy

Advise we have a lot for you!
All sorts of things are in the room - if something is missing simply let us know.
Andechs easily accessible on foot and very beautiful. We can also provide provisions for the journey.
Andechser organic products are used in our kitchen!
Angel we would like to be...
Aperitif with pleasure at the bar.
Arrive and feel very welcome as guest.
Arrival daily from 3pm or, upon consultation, possibly earlier. Late arrivals from 8pm please let us know in advance.
Augustiner the Munich people claim it's Munich's best beer "and of course we have it too"!!!
Austria don't be surprised when "I am from Austria" is played. Due to the fact that our innkeeper Otmar comes from Graz and is a proud Austrian, each guest automatically stands on Austrian territory!

Bathrobes exist despite the lack of wellness facilities, just ask at the reception. Lending fee 10 €.
Bedding can be changed daily if requested, otherwise every 4 days!
Beverages everything the heart desires you get downstairs at the Post bar!
Blanket an extra??? Our guests don't freeze! Whether 1, 2 or 3 feather devets or quilts, no problem for us!
Breakfast Monday through Sunday between 7am and 10am. On request or prior notice also earlier or later. If you come later without letting us know in advance and you still want breakfast, we permit ourselves to charge 5 € per person as an expense allowance for additional work.
Bill we are happy to take cash :-)
We would like to ask you to pay the hotel bill and restaurant bill separate, as we have two accountings.
Bicycle hire Fahrradverleih Nandlinger, Mühlfelderstraße 5, Herrsching
Bicycle room is just behind the house. If you want, we can show you.
Bikes see Post bikes.
Books we have for you - but hidden, and mostly female literature.
Business cards we have too!

Calendar for the current year with all our events you can get at the reception.
Cashpoint just across the road from Rossmann at the Kreissparkasse.
Champagne is available for purchase at the bar! How does our landlady say: "Champagne drinkers are handsome, sexy, fun-loving and successful..."!
Cinema there is a great cinema in Herrsching. Up-to-date cinema programme at the reception.
Coiffeur a.k.a. hairdresser or hairstylist, for the fast, smart-looking haircut can be found right behind The Post. We are happy to arrange the appointment for you.
Complaints would be great if we never had any!
It's just, you have to break an egg to make an omelette. That means, we are all humans!
If you have a concern, you can come to us at anytime. Everybody from the Post team will take care of your wishes as quickly as possible.
Computer we have one, on which we can work for you and for us.
Cosmetics if you have forgotten something, we will poke through our fundus or buy it for you.
Credit cards we prefer cash :-), but also with Master and Eurocard you satisfy us.
Criticism we consider ourselves to be able to take criticism, and if somebody lets us know what we are doing wrong or where the shoe pinches, only then we are able to change something.
Cure of souls in case of doubt we and our staff are there for you - schnaps always helps - alcohol is the best solution.
Current issues also called Ratsch und Tratsch in Bavaria. Every day there are current newspapers available for you. For all other gossip ask the landlady.

Decoration is created by the entire Post Team for their guests, themed by season and party.
Departure daily no later than 10.30am or, upon consultation, possibly later.
Desire to experience something - we have a lot of tips for you.
Dirndl we all have one - and most of the time we also wear it - or it's dirty.
Doctor please ask at the reception, there is always an emergency service.
Dogs are welcome but please ask first, their surcharge varies between 10 € and 18 € a day. We also have a special Dogs' Menu.
We can give you tips where you can walk your dog. And if you want to take our Post dog Speedy with you, we won't have a problem with that!
Drinks room service everyday for about 12 hours (at an extra charge of 5 €).
Drugstore products at Rossmann, just across the road!
If you are short of something or you forgot something and we are out of it, we jackrabbit and get it for you.

Eat you can damned fine in our restaurant. Please reserve early - readily a 3- or 4-course meal.
Emergency kit we have in every room. If you take something out of it, please let us know so that we can refill it for the next guest.
Emergency number (112) can be dialed anytime from the phone in your room.
Enjoyment at our place it's ok to be stuffed.
Envelopes can be found in the hotel folder in your room. Or in many other dimensions at the reception.
Everyday we are in a good mood and try to fulfill all your desires!
Excursions straight through and around the 5 lakes district - Herrsching/Munich/Weilheim - there is plenty of information material at the reception, in the hotel folder, on our website and in your room. If this does not help you, we are happy to provide more information.
Experience you should have only positive ones at our place.

Facebook let's be friends: facebook.com/gasthofzurpostherrsching
Fax For sending or receiving we charge 0.80 € per page.
Filled to the brim (happens now and then)
Flowers are available at the industrial estate.
We can also bring you flowers.
Football downstairs in our Post bar we have a big screen which is built up during all current sports events. All current games are shown via Sky!
We are also proud of our Herrschinger footballers.

Garage we don't have! Instead many parking places.
Geilster Club der Welt with that we don't mean a brothel, but the Herrschinger volleyballer.
Gifts (we would be thrilled to bits)
If you want to take a gift back home with you, we have various ideas for you or you take a piece of Post with you, for example our pepper mills, homemade jam etc.
Guest the most important in our house.

Hairdresser see Coiffeur.
Higgledy-piggledy most of the time but jolly - except we have much to do - at the Post bar, combined with good music.
Himmlisches Hotel we also participated :-) and won!
Humorous we are all the time. And should you once feel gloomy, our maid-servants and man-servants can tell you a joke.
Hospitality in The Post - that's with a capital H! We want that you feel as snug as a bug in a rug!
Hotel bill you can pay in the morning from 7am.

Influenza = being sick we have chicken soup and mental support for you.
Information about anything not on this list can be obtained at the reception or from the Post team - also our regular's table is a good source of information.
Insomnia we help you with a schnaps, alternatively a hot milk with honey.
Interaction with each other should be always respectful.
Internet code you can get yourself for free at the reception.
Internet portals booking.com, hrs.com etc.
Ironing service Please ask at the reception. The Post Team would be happy to answer your questions.
(An iron we have - Susi and Elisabeth can give you a short briefing! Don't forget, at home you have to iron your shirts yourself.)

Jam is homemade, cooked by the landlady herself and available for purchase.
Jausen (Austrian), also Brotzeit in Bavaria is a small snack.
Always available downstairs in the restaurant.

Key please keep an eye on your room key. In case of loss a cost of 60 € incurres.

Labour either one gets the job done properly or not at all - in commemoration of Manfred, father of the landlady.
Laptop you should turn off when you are on holiday. If not, a free internet access code is available at the reception.
Laundry service see ironing.
Lederhose the guys are wearing.
Legal alcohol limit in Germany is 0.5%.
If you want you can also reach your preferred floor with 3.5%... but by foot, as we don't have a lift.
Letters we bring for you to the post office.
Life experience an enjoyable, jolly, nice... time.
Lovestruck hopefully a bit with us!

Luggage service we are more than happy to carry your suitcases as part of our own fitness programme and when we have time to your room!

Magazines we don't have.
Maintenance products in case you forgot something, we have quite a few things amongst our large secret stashes.
Maxi Dipflen a Bavarian game - we can explain it to you if you like.
Minibar we don't have, because there are always fresh drinks at the bar. If you want something anyhow, please let us know. In case you need a small refrigerator (5 € per day) - no problem!
Mistakes are human - we are human, you too?
Motorbike tours, enthusiasm... for that just grab the innkeeper. He is a passionate biker and knows fantastic routes in the near surrounding.
Munich there is so much we don't know ourselves, but at the reception there is a city guide.

News can be received on all receivable and functioning devices at any airtime.
Newspapers are on display each day.
Nightcap is available in high volume at the Post bar or as a blonde* from the escort service (*a pint of lager).
Nonsense to do something stupid is ok! We are a funny crowd!
Non-smoking all of our rooms are non-smoking rooms.
We ask all our smoking guests to adhere to this rule, as nobody wants to sleep in an ashtray.
Now a popular word of our landlady, because everything is preferably always now, immediately, actually already two days ago.
Nutella is the main thing for Elisabeth and Susi and we also serve it for breakfast.

Opening times Breakfast: Monday - Sunday from 7am to 10am.
Kitchen: As long as we don't change our mind we're open 365 days a year from 11am to 10pm.
Original we try to be.
Otmar Walch is the innkeeper.
Overweight affects usually our regulars who come every week (because our food is so delicious).
Ozapft is every day... we are never short of beer!

Parking area we have a huge one.
Parties there are quite a lot in The Post, including special offers and overnight stays. You can find the dates in the restaurant. If you want to be informed about future events, we will do so (please fill out our guest form).
Petrol station drive direction Weßling - on the right side you will find the petrol station of your dreams.
Pharmacy St. Nicolaus Apotheke, Mühlfelderstraße 3, 82211 Herrsching - in case of emergency, we will fetch your medication.
Photos we can take of you...
Condition to be fulfilled: You are allowed to smile!
Picnic with pleasure upon request and advance order for a bike tour, for the lake, for hiking or for any other reason.
Pillows we don't only have what is in the rooms!
You can choose between feather pillows, quilted pillows, spelt pillows or cherry pit pillows!
Post bikes you are more than welcome to borrow one.
Postcards are available at the reception.
Post innkeepers Elisabeth and Otmar Walch.
Post team a team that is there for the guests - we hope to have the chance to prove it to you!
Problems don't exist at our place! And even if one did... we will find a solution!

Quark we serve for breakfast.
Questions you can ask as many as you like, that's why we are here! If we always know everything, we don't know.

Razor disposable, including shaving foam and aftershave, we have for you in our emergency kit!
Recipes those which are available you can acquire at the reception. We are busy to to put together common household recipes for all our dishes (in German only - but you are more than welcome to translate them into your mouther tongue).
Restaurant we offer an Austrian/Bavarian cuisine, with special delicacies and suggestions of the day.
Rioting (never happens)
Room key Please take your keys with you at all times. You can enter the hotel through the back entrance at any time. The back entrance is behind the building, across the parking area.
Room service if time allows, at a premium of 5 € (daily from 8am till 10pm).

Sewing kit already as a child Elisabeth was an "enthusiastic tailoress", therefore we have sewing cotton, yarn, sewing needles, sewing machine, crochet hooks, knitting needles, safety pins, buttons etc. If you want the workwomanlike advice as well is up to you!
Sex :-)
Shoe polishing machine we don't have.
Shoe shine kit on the first floor we have everything what man and woman needs for clean shoes!
(We are more than happy to put our shoes for manual cleaning next to yours!)
Shopping we like to give you some advice, especially the landlady... (after all it's her favourite pastime!)
Guys should simply give their wifes their credit card - it's worth it!!!
Sickness let us know when you are not feeling well. We have home remedies such as ginger tea, chicken broth, globules (emergency kit), quark for a sunburn and much more...
Simply because simply is simple.
Slippers Due to the fact that our landlady always has cold feet, she can understand the desire for slippers or warm socks! There is a storage at the reception the landlady gladly shares with you!
Smoking yes we do, but nicely outside.
As there are additional costs to clean a room in which somebody had smoked, we charge a fixed cleaning rate of 150 € in the case of smoking in the room.
Snoring complain to your next-door neighbour.
Solarium is not good, use the sun, that's much wiser.
Besides, there is no solarium in Herrsching.
Souvenirs for the people who stayed at home we have at the entrance for you, such as wine, Brotzeitbrettl (snack boards), pepper mills etc..
Special wishes unfortunately we cannot read them off your eyes yet - therefore let us know what we can do for you.
Spirit is the life.
Sport is possible. Just ask there where nobody has an idea - at the reception.
Staff will be happy to satisfy your needs!

Table reservation we gladly accept, as our restaurant is always well-frequented and so you can be sure to have a place in any case.
Taxi we can call one for you, also in advance.
Telephone is locked, please ask the reception to activate it.
Thirst you are more than welcome to feel at our place!!!!!!!!
The bar is open daily till midnight for you.
Toblerone each Swiss is obliged to bring one for the staff!
To nick decoration items is not allowed! Our landlady - also a known decoholic - has a huge problem with it unless asked.
Toothache we have a good dentist for you.
Touchy is now and than our landlady Elisabeth - but of course only when the landlord Otmar goes on her nerves!!!
Towels we gladly change daily or as often as needed!
Trade fair dates are listed in the hotel folder in your room.
Tradition is written with a capital T at our place. The Post is 500 years old and therefore we are bound by tradition.
Traditional custumes Hembergers Tracht & Zeitlos, Mühlfelder Straße 20, Herrsching and Anneliesers Trachtenladen, Starnberger Straße 2, Andechs.
Train station in Herrsching there is an S-Bahn station (rapid transit railway) from where trains take you to Munich, to the trade fair, or wherever...! The only thing you need to account for to catch the train is a 8-minute walk to the station!

Unglaublich (unbelievable) the landlady's favourite word.

Vaccation we want to make as nice as possible for you.
Vases you get at the reception.
Values Simpliness and give joy.
Voi guad (very good) we are.
Vouchers Give away what everyone needs and no one has! Regardless of whether it is a gift-voucher for a meal at our restaurant, a stay at our hotel or for one of our special arrangements. The vouchers can be obtained at the reception.

Wake-up service please let us know and our early shift will wake you by phone. (On request also with icy water or depending on the season with snow!)
Water our tap water is drinking quality.
Water boiler are available in the Deluxe Rooms and Suites. In case you also want one, please let us know (surcharge per day 5 €).
Watten Bavarian card game - we may show you at some occassion.
Welcome when a hotel booking is made in combination with a table reservation at our restaurant, we treat you with a complimentary sparkling drink.
Wellness is unfortunately not possible directly in our house!
We want to give joy a charity campaign at Christmas, where we collect money for Herrschinger families in need.
Wishes we try to satisfy as far as it is possible for us!

Yoga we have a room of stillness on the first floor. Schedule you can see on the notice board.
Yuck should something be like that - please inform us - as we don't want it to be like this!

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