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Elderflower Syrup

Who likes Hugo likes me too! The landlady's favourite drink! With or without alcohol it's the ultimate drink! And with the help of Sunny, our kitchen dream… even BETTER!

1 sack freshly harvested elderflowers 1kg small amount 250g
7kg sugar small amount 1,750g
500g jam sugar 2 to 1 small amount 125g
200g citric acid small amount 50g
7 lemons cut in half small amount 2
15 litres water small amount 4 litres

To begin with, wash the elderflowers gently.

Put a large pot with 15 litres water on the stove and add sugar and citric acid. Squeeze the 7 lemons into the water and add them with the peel. Wait until everything is boiling and then add the elderflowers, let everything cook about 1 minute. Pour everything into a large clean bucket and store it at a place as cool as possible. Let it stand there for 3 to 4 days.

Strain the ready stock through a cloth strainer and bring it to a boil. Fill it with a funnel in cleaned bottles and refrigerate.

The eldersyrup tastes the best, freshest and unfolding in its full bloom when it's not boiled, BUT then it does not last very long and has to be consumed sooner. That's why I recommend to boil it. You must only work super-clean, just like my grandmother, then you can store the eldersyrup without hesitation one year in the fridge, as we do. As said, the basic requirement is to work SUPERCLEAN! Before use, boil the bottles, clean hands (it's best to sing a complete happy birthday while washing them, then they are properly cleaned), everything what's used must be new or SUPERCLEAN: Towels, pot, sieve, cloth strainer, scoop, etc. And then you have the "freshness preserve guarantee" from me!

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