A real Bavarian restaurant, hotel and beer garden in Herrsching at Ammersee

Breakfast at Ammersee Hotel of Gabi Thyssen with my brother and family

It's my one and only treat

Sunday morning in The Post and we have just catered to 30 men with our breakfast. Scrambled eggs, fried eggs - stirred clockwise and anti-clockwise - served to our kind and hard-drinking guests from the Ruhr Valley of Germany.

And slowly my own stomach gives signal and says "Hi Post Landlady, HUNGER!". As there is nothing worse for me than being hungry, I turn into a true DIVA by the feeling of hunger and hearing my rumbling stomach, as a rule I try to take quick remedy by food intake. After all, the people around me know when The Post Landlady is hungry it's not funny and avoid me.

So in the kitchen I prepare my obligatory ham-sandwich - in case somebody wants to surprise me with a ham-sandwich in the future, here are the basic instructions: The ham must be sliced wafer thin and the buttered bottom part of the sandwich must have minimum as much ham as the sandwich is thick! I'm just about to indulge in my breakfast treat when I'm called to the reception - Elisabeth VISITORS! But my stomach relentlessly signals HUNGER. The visitors turn out to be my brother with wife, son and my three weeks old niece and all were - just like me - HUNGRY.

To be able to chat undisturbed I'm forced to leave The Post and so we came quickly to the resolution to invade the great breakfast buffet at the Ammersee Hotel. (Marie, our trainee, then took over the ham sandwich - what a pity.)

The breakfast buffet at the Ammersee Hotel leaves nothing to be desired. The impressive choice of cereals, grains, nuts, dried fruits makes even my heart jump with joy. Sausage, cheese, jam, eggs, Wei▀wurst (white Bavarian veal sausage), fried bacon, various yoghurts, fruits, tomato mozzarella,..., there is something for everyone's taste. As I always need something special, I had the chance to pick from the absolutely brilliant tea collection BIOTEAQUE. The service is attentive and the wonderful view onto the lake tops it all. And as I'm a bit of a local "VIP" I know the lady of the house and we finished off with a complimentary prosecco.

Gabi, I will come back!

From the series Out and about with the Landlady - Herrsching, 16th June 2015

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