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Asparagus Soup

According to the Post Landlady this soup can only taste truly delicious if one has cooked asparagus before! Therefore first look at the recipe "How to cook asparagus the right way". Recipe for 4 persons and the day after.

1 litre asparagus water see recipe "How to cook asparagus the right way"
1 onion cut in very small cubes and cook glassy
1 - 2 tbsp flour dredge the onions and thereafter fry a little while
1 litre asparagus water deglaze the onions with it
100ml white wine give into the pot
500ml cream also into the pot, bring it to the boil
salt, pepper & nutmeg     for seasoning

It is best to blend everything, then pass through a sieve and boil up again.

Pour the soup into pre-heated soup plates, who likes can add a bit of whipped cream and decorate everything with something green, such as wild garlic, parsley and then SPOON THE SOUP!

What we like to do in gastronomy is to put the soup into an iSi cream whipper! Attach the pressure capsul and we have a dreamlike foamed asparagus soup. Remember the Sahneboy which our grandmothers had? We put cream in it, then added the pressure capsul on it, once shaken and we had fresh "whipped" cream. The iSi cream whipper is nothing more.

Chop 4 asparagus stalks into small pieces, let them simmer warm and add into the soup.

More recipes from The Post can be found in our section Cooking with Elli.

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