A real Bavarian restaurant, hotel and beer garden in Herrsching at Ammersee

Ammersee Beach Market organised by G.E.J.A. on Pentecost weekend is always a highlight in Herrsching

As the landlady of The Post one does usually not get much free time. But when Gerd Janson, owner of the G.E.J.A. events company, announces the market at the lake - then a woman must follow his call as if the term market itself evokes a small entrancement. So it also affects me, the Post Landlady of Herrsching!

Iris Zink (links) und Elisabeth Walch (rechts)
When hearing the word market, the cerebellar part of my brain instantly triggers the association SHOPPING, to want, to see new things, to purchase, curiosity, but also to encounter and meet people, to hear the latest gossip, to drink one or two beers with friends or strangers.

As I usually don't like to walk the long distance of about 1,000 metres from The Post to the beach promenade by myself, I immediately find some victims amongst our guests, who more or less voluntarily undertake the hike.

After a jolly march we stroll over the beach market and as usual I'm pleasantly surprised. Gerd Janson always manages to create a new as well as the same experience with his markets.

It's all about the right mix, the familiar faces, the most delicious coffee and the brilliant heart shaped waffles from Thomas Jäger, homemade jam and more from Vaterstetten, boards made of olive wood, etc. At the market stalls which are always here during the Ammersee market events I can be sure to find everything as usual to fulfill my expectations. Also this year it's far from boring. There are so many great new exhibitors, one simply can't get enough.

Thanks God, I had a bit of cash with me.... Not only for an excellent Aperol Spritz!

From the series Out and about with the Landlady - Herrsching, 25th May 2015

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