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10 Lakes Classic Rally 2013

Admirers of classical cars should mark the 30th October 2013 in their calendar, because then the 10 Lakes Classic Rally through the beautiful pre-alpine lands takes place for the fourth time.

120 drivers with their classical cars will enter the contest. Eligible entrants include only car models manufactured before the end of 1989.

The rally starts at 9am in the village of Germering. Before then all teams receive their roadbook and starting number. The Innkeeper of Gasthof Hotel zur Post, Elisabeth Hellmann, participates with her son and co-driver Maximillian. Their race car, Elisabeth's 1985 CitroŽn 2CV, has starting number 1.

After start the racing circuit continuous along small countryside roads through idyllic villages, passing 10 Bavarian lakes. Along the route, the teams will solve various tasks, answer questions as well as provide evidence of navigation and skill.

At around 3pm the cars will arrive at Gasthof Hotel zur Post where the teams will stop by for coffee and cake. While the drivers can sit back and relax, this is also the moment when the participating cars will face an unbribable jury and be graded against various criteria, such as original condition, engine sound etc.

At the end of the race the cars will be displayed at the Sunday market in Germering. The finishing line is expected at around 5pm at Lochhamer's in Germering. The award ceremony with the nomination of the 10 best teams will take place at 7pm.

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